Los Angeles garage organization company proudly installs garage storage products like garage cabinets, garage storage cabinets, slatwall, overhead storage racks, garage flooring and epoxy flooring.

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"Don't Agonize About It...OrganizIT!"

About Us

OrganizIT! was created due to the partners' dissatisfaction with the lack of professionalism within the home improvement industry. As homeowners, the partners of OrganizIT!, couldn't remember a positive experience working with contractors. So they decided it was time for a change. The partners of OrganizIT! bring over 40 years of experience from Corporate America. As a result, OrganizIT! focuses on professionalism. OrganizIT! will provide a level of service and professionalism that is common place in Corporate America, but unfortunately is lacking in the home improvement industry.

Our charter is to bring professionalism to the home improvement industry, starting with one garage at a time.

Our commitment is simple:

  • Return calls same business day
  • Confirm all appointments
  • Show up on time for all appointments or call if we are running late
  • Provide a detailed, professional quote, normally within 24 hours of our on-site consultation
  • Start a project on time
  • Complete a project on time
  • Clean up after the project is completed
  • Thank you for your business

Mission Statement:
"OrganizIT! is committed to becoming synonymous with garage organization. Through dedication and a higher level of professionalism, OrganizIT! will differentiate itself and become an industry leader, organizing the world one garage at a time."

Why the garage?
The garage organization industry is now the fastest growing segment within the $8 billion home improvement sector, an estimated 38% increase in sales from 2001 to 2005. And with 90+% of all new homes being built with garages and 83% have a two-car garage or larger. The simple fact is that Americans love "stuff"! And the more stuff you have, the more that stuff ends up in the garage or at a costly self storage facility. With the average self storage facility costing around $100 dollars a month, storing your stuff costs money. In California, that stuff is even more costly if you consider the average square footage cost is over $300. Therefore, your average two-car garage has an estimated value of over $100,000.00. With that type of money already invested, is it really worth having the garage be the household dumping ground? It's time to leverage the garage to it's fullest potential and in turn beautify it and increase its value. We can help.

If it happens in the garage, we are your company. You want it, you name it, we do it. And do so with the highest level of service and professionalism the home improvement industry has ever seen. Not everyone can have a Jay Leno garage, but OrganizIT! can give you the next best thing, a premier garage that is clean and organized with plenty of garage storage.

Stop suffering from garage envy, call OrganizIT! today and give us a chance to turn your mess into amazing. We encourage you to learn more about OrganizIT! by booking an in-garage consultation with one of our garage consultants.

  • You want to store everything neatly in the garage... DONE...OrganizIT!
  • You want to be able to see your garage floor...DONE...OrganizIT!
  • You want to park your car(s) in your garage...DONE...OrganizIT!
  • You want a 60" flat screen TV in your garage...DONE...OrganizIT!
  • You want to be proud to have to guys over for poker and beer in the garage...DONE...OrganizIT!

Our goal is 100% satisfaction!

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